Best Prices on Planter Boxes and Raised Beds!

Steel corner brackets with 1/4 bolts and t-nuts!

We don't use nails or deck screws, ours last 15-20 years!

Other planters are wobbling in 5-7 years.

  • Low Prices  10% - 100% lower prices (low price guarantee)
  • Custom Sizes  Built to your dimensions (outside for Length, Width)
  • Built Stronger  Strong enough to sit or stand on rails
  • Flexible Design  Pop out floor to use as raised bed
  • Arrangements  Boxes are stackable for compact patios
  • Comfort Design  Wide rails for seating. 3" wide is standard and makes great seat
  • Last Longer   Patent Pending Heavy Duty Tongue and Groove Construction. Our planters have vertical boards in the side panels that do not have nails or screws tacking the boards to the rails (you do not see a long row of screws or nail holes). The boards are allowed to "float" in the deep groove so that they do not split and crack with the expansion and contraction of the wet / dry cycles. This special design coupled with the non toxic plastic liner makes the planter last 3 or 4 times longer. A 7 year lifespan becomes a 20 - 30 year lifespan. Also it is important to use woods other than cedar for the rails (too weak and splits easily over time) and to protect the railing wood with a non-toxic sealant because moisture moving in and out of the railings will speed up failure particularly in the lower corners (on vertical board in side panel designs).
  • Grow Better  All of our planters come with a polyethylene plastic to line the inside walls. This creates a planter that lasts a long time and the soil stays consistently moist which means more microbes to feed the roots of your plants which means higher yields. And our raised beds and boxes have drainage holes which act as air vents to bring in the nitrogen and oxygen the healthy microbes prefer. So the combination of compost rich soil and water that remains in the soil and the availability of air helps with maximal growth and yield (Polyethylene is cutting board plastic and is completely safe for food. It is also not dependent upon oil ... it can be manufactured from sugar cane, wheat, and sugar beets).
  • Option  4" or 6" wide top rail comfort seating
  • Option  We make lids for bench seating
  • Option  Wheels allow easy movement (add $25 - $45)


Planter Boxes & Raised Beds in San Diego and Southern California

How big / deep should my raised bed or garden box be? Plants are quite adaptive and can adjust to smaller and shallower boxes as long as the moisture and nutrients are available. If you are using a smaller than recommended box or planter (see chart below) you can supplement the soil with nitrogen rich and mineral rich amendments occasionally and everything should grow quite well. In general for most vegetables you want at least 12 inches deep, for tomatoes and large squash 18 inches deep, for herbs and small flowers 8 inches deep. Longer and wider is always better because the soil stays more evenly moist (up to 8ft long x 4 ft wide for raised beds and 8ft long x 3 ft wide for boxes).

What about soil? The best garden soil for veggies is 1) full or organic material, 2) constantly moist and sponge-like, 3) contains plenty of minerals, 4) drains away from the roots, and 5) has a thriving population of healthy micro-organisms. This type of soil delivers a constant flow of nutrients to your plants. Pots for plants just don't grow very well unless you constantly tend to them because they run low on nutrients and heat up and dry out quickly and the micro organisms die off and have to grow back all over again. Use one of our boxes or raised beds that is at least 12 inches deep, line the sides with polyethylene plastic (to keep in the moisture), fill with 50% compost and 50% garden soil, add manure which is nutritionally rich, cheap, and nitrogen rich if composted.

What about plastic liners for the boxes and raised beds? We provide you with a polyethylene plastic liner for the sides of the planter boxes and raised beds because it noticeably improves the growth of the plants and the life of the planter. Use this liner and spread some insulating mulch on top of the soil (straw, shredded plant trimmings, compost, ...) and the soil will stay evenly moist and the micro-organisms in the soil and your plants will flourish. The plastic liner also prevents the wet soil from keeping the wood constantly moist which would normally create rot and the planter would decay and fall apart. This would occur everywhere there is a nail or screw which is why poorly designed planters and home built planters often fail after 5-7 years . Our patent pending planter design is free from the multitudes of nails and screws and allows for maximal longevity of the wood when combined with the plastic liner. You just can't beat the prices of our beautiful raised beds and garden boxes for providing an ideal long term environment for deep, evenly moist, healthy soil that delivers steady nutrition to your garden.

Shallow Rooting Plants
Raised Bed : 8" depth
Box : 12" depth
Arugula Broccoli
Brussels sprouts Cabbage
Cauliflower Celery
Chinese cabbage Corn
Endive Garlic
Kohlrabi, Bok Choy Lettuce
Onions, Leeks, Chives Potatoes
Radishes Spinach
Medium Rooting Plants
Raised Bed : 12" depth
Box : 12" or 18" depth
Beans, dry Beans, pole
Beans, snap Beets
Canteloupe Carrots
Chard Cucumber
Eggplant Kale
Peas Peppers
Squash, summer Rutabagas
Tomatoes Turnips
Deep Rooting Plants
Raised Bed : 18" depth
Box : 18" or 24" depth
Artichokes Asparagus
Beans, lima Okra
Parsnips Pumpkins
Rhubarb Squash, winter
Sweet potatoes Tomatoes

Why buy recycled?

Climate Change : National Academy of Sciences video

The more emotional plea (the deceptive economics of Big Oil)

Every year hundreds of thousands of tons of wood gets buried in our landfills and we continue to cut forests faster than they grow. This problem is especially bad for our redwood and cedar forests (the main sources used for planters). Most of the raised beds and planters we sell are made from recycled wood (we use new wood for the parts that require strength). Go Green and help save the planet. Our planters are beautiful, really strong, and the cheapest you will find. And when you consider the recycling effect and how your purchase will help shift consumerism away from the destructive "more stuff" mentality, the cost to you is really low and the cost to the planet shifts from high to low. Imagine the health benefits for you, for your family, friends, neighbors, and for the planet.

Everyone growing their own organic food - Go Green - Just Do It.


To start construction we need a deposit of $20 per box.

Email Steve with the size and wood type for each box :

  1. length, width, height;
  2. floor or no floor,
  3. reclaimed wood, new cedar, new redwood


Call Steve to talk about the details ...

then deposit below (these deposits will be processed through

Deposit (change the $20 starting price to $40 for two boxes or $60 for three ... ) :

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